What do u when your boyfriend stops believing u? and u showed proof that what your saying is true and he still doesn't believe you?

i am not under 18 i'm 20
do u dump him?
do u stay with him?
do u just go along of what he thinks is the truth?


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  • Ask why he doesn't believe you. Does he have a reason to not?

    • he doesn't whenever i ask him why? he doesn't speak and leaves

    • Well you haven't done anything to betray his trust I'm guessing. Well has this been happening a lot or just recently? Maybe its a past experience he's had?

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  • A relationship should be based on trust, loyalty, and faithfulness. If one of those are missing then is not going to work out.


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  • What did you do

    • nothing

    • Ughh😕😕😕

    • really i did nothing one minute we were talking and then he was online yet not answering me

  • maybe bc u lie so much like the kid and the wolf story

    • i don't lie and when i ask why? he doesn't answer if it was bc i lie [which i don't ] he would have said so

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    • @NajemEddine we have been dating for 2 years. i know everything about him and he knows everything about me. he is the one who actually said that we must not have any trust issues

    • u dont know everything about him neither does he
      there is a more root cause
      does he know body language

  • If he stopped believing you, that implies that he did at one time. Did you do something in the past to break his trust?
    Trust is very difficult to regain.


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