I don't know it kinda makes me nervous?

So I was with one of my best friends last night. We were hanging out and talking until the point where he mentioned "bro I think it's time for you get a serious relationship". I freaked out I'm like what do you mean? He says you need something more emotionally invested all the girls you've dated before were just a thing you really didn't care much you've dated them for a couple months and broken it off. I was blown away because I thought about It for a second and he was right. But I hate to be vulnerable eww makes me sick and I'm not good at expressing my emotions at all. He was like bro I'll help you I'm like I don't need help man ! He says no I think you do on this one you have a shitty taste in girls and personality you need someone to click with. So I don't know what to do this is scary as fuck what the fuck is a "serious relationship " I don't think I want one. Well I like the idea of a serious relationship but I don't think I'm ready. Any ideas?


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  • tell a girl about how u feel in a way u r good at.. u don't have to do it by talking
    and accept ur best friend's help. cause they know u better


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