Am I lesbian Or just Bi-Curious?

There're these two girls whom I find very attractive. One of them is in my grade and the other is a grade above me. The girl in my grade is soo beautiful it makes me jealous, but at the same time, she likes an angel sent down from earth. I mean... I wouldn't mind kissing her... Her name is Clara and her brother is in my Geo class. Her brother's name is Henery and at the beginning of the year, I had a crush on him. So basically I have a crush on both Clara and Henery. Now the other girl, I don't know her name, because she's a grade above me. I spotted one day while we were watching an assembly. it was the chorus playing and she had a beautiful solo. I could not keep my eyes off of her. But... tbh I would pick Clara over anything... and yes I would like it if we kissed one time. But this is freaking me out because this happens out of the blue. Beforehand It never came across my mind of liking a girl. And I can't share it with anybody because I'm already in a relationship with a guy and two I would let me homophobic parents down.
Am I lesbian Or just Bi-Curious?
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