I feel I will end up alone for the rest of my life?

I feel that I am coming close to my 40's and will end up alone as my love life is a total mess. I was in a long term relationship for 7 years, which didn't work out as he was abusing alcoholic and cheated on me. So I ended up divorcing him and it was 8 years ago. Since then I worked a lot on my self esteem and everything, met a guy who liked me but I did not feel it was leading anywhere. He was 10 years older than me with no vision of his future. I mean his mom was still cooking for him and he spent most of his time in gym and hardly worked. It will sound awful but all he was interested in having sex 5 times a day every day and I just didn't have anything to talk to him about. We were together for 2 years. I had to end it. Since then I was not dating for about 2 years as I just wanted to set for myself what I actually want and did not want to get involved in relationships which were not going anywhere. Now in past 2 years I met 3 guys I wanted something with. The first one was younger than me - 30, he vanished after 3 months and turned out he had a long term girlfriend. Other one was 43, I dated for 6 months and he just dissapeared on me... he came back after a month but I was nothing more than a booty call. Now the last one is 40 we kinda knew each other for a while but we started dating recently and all of a sudden he goes silent on me and the next thing I see on Facebook he got really serious with 20 year old. And all the stories about not seeing himself married or having kids just vanished as now all I can see on my Facebooke wall how he braggs about all the places he visits with this young girl, talks about kids etc... I am just sitting here and feel like a failure... seriously... I just do not have energy anymore...


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  • first block his facebook get him out your life.
    You need to think positive you attract a man on how you feel and what you believe you deserve. Get out in the dating seen. match. com?
    try vitamin supplements to help boost mood and energy. probiotics is a natural energy boosters found in yogurt and you can get the supplement over the counter at a pharmacy. Also working out give you a boost. Let your hair down more have fun and let the girls hang out a little. stop thinking you will be alone because thats not true god has someone for everyone i promise๐Ÿ˜‡

    • Thank you. I do work out a lot actually. That is the only thing that keeps me going.
      About dating seen I've been there, done that... I found out it is only good to boost your confidence but unfortunately nothing serious came out of it.

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  • I have been actively dating though so there is a good chance you'll be fine.

    Just keep working on yourself and maybe work on changing what attracts you to certain guys.
    It appears you look for the wrong things with a dude.

    also I did catch where you said "Now in past 2 years I met 3 guys I WANTED SOMETHING WITH. "
    So basically you get a billion chances.

    You are in the same boat as me but only I've had ZERO chances in 3yrs. I should give up and get my mom to cook for me. :)

    • Haha. You made me laugh with the last sentence. Yeah... chances... but somehow I end up with them dissapearing on me and I am like 'is it me'? OK.. one time... things happen. Then next time... but basically three times in a row is just...

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    • It is tough to approach people but it's really up to you if you want to try again or not.

    • Thanks.

  • I read your whole story, I'm really sorry and i mean it, this really got me upset.
    you're not a failure and the problem is not with you, the problem is with those guys you're dating, i suggest you to make some new friends, that way you'll not feel lonely, then there's a day you will find a nice guy that appropriates you.

  • don't worry too much... you're not a failure... things will work out somehow... they always do ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Thanks. Always hope...

    • you're welcome... heads up... and always smile...๐Ÿ˜Š

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