Why does my 'bf' do this?

doesn't contact me for days, but then always calls at some point like nothing is wrong.

If I initate he responds quickly? When we're together he's all over me.

How should I bring this up to him to talk about it? What do you think is going on?


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  • Seems like he's jot your boyfriend Rath just fuck buddies. He doesn't make time for you only when he wants to.


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  • It has nothing to do with how he feels about you. People analyze communication through phone calls or texts way too much. Some people don't like communication unless it's face to face.

    This is how I am, and sometimes it was an issue for guys who I went on dates with, they would think because I don't text them or take a long time to respond that I'm not into them. But that's never the case. I don't mind "good morning" or "goodnight" or a small conversation, but not all day and not everyday. I want us to communicate face to face and I am happy to say I found a man like that, both of us are more of 'in the moment' type of people and communicate in person. Let's say I'm feeling blue and wanna talk, he would tell me "I will be there soon" instead of texting.

    Your man is all over you in person, that's the best. Aren't you glad it's not the opposite?

    Relax and don't worry. Don't let others tell you any different, as we are all different

    • But also, if it's something you want, then just tell him

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