He is just making excuses?

Okay, thought I'd ask some impartial internet advice before ruling this guy out... I can be a bit quick to rule people out sometimes!

So I've been chatting to this guy off and on for a few months, we agreed to meet for a drink, he seemed really up for it added me on fb and then it didn't happen.

He text a few days later apologising for cancelling and that he was really busy but would still like to get a drink, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and agreed. Didn't hear back from him for a few days then got a message apologising again and he told me he was feeling really self conscious cause he walks with a limp... I reassured him and didn't hear anything back from him.

I put a status on Fb saying I need a bit of extra work and he sent me a message recommending somewhere I could try looking.

My spider senses are saying he's stringing me along but some friends have said he might actually just be a bit shy, not confident with women and genuinely feeling self conscious about his limp?

What do you guys think? Excuses or just not confident?
He is just making excuses?
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