(People 18-30 only please) is a youngguy having a shaved head from hair loss seen as physically unattractive to girls as fat on girls is seen to guys?

I'm curious, I shave my head from TE where my follicles aged from shock, I actually pull off bald well but I am pale. Anyway despite that I've always kept my standards on girls body and mind very high, I only want one and I'd give her everything so I'm never accepting plain or average etc, she's got to be attractive above the norm and have a good heart.

Anyway the the other day a friend compared bald on guys (shaved as well) was so unattractive it's how many guys view girls that weigh heavy, simply off putting, I'm not saying this to be mean but at least for the guys I know and myself it's true that weight is very much a deal breaker. Now I still don't believe bald is as bad as fat and I never will, and it even offended me as I put a good amount of work into staying thin and in shape-something those who do have excess weight could do more to solve the issue, hair loss however? There is no cure, rogain causes scalp issues. Transplants scar your scalp and often fail and there simply aren't any cures, so bald is not like fat.

This isn't to offend anyone again just get opinions.

Anyway give your opinion, is bald really unattractive or can a bald guy still look good? Be honest.

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  • I don't think bald is that bad, even with no hair a guy can be good looking for other assets physically
    33% (4)
  • Honestly this young yes, bald is a severe turn off to most young girls similar to how fat is a turn off to guys
    67% (8)
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Realize a man can do nothing about hair, I wonder if some of these votes are simply offended here because several other bald guy polls I looked up get decent results.
It's funny that you view hair so important when nothing can be done about it, ah well I still hold my standards high.


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  • I don't think being bald is unattractive at all. What I will say is, I find it unattractive when guys are bald in the middle of their head but insist on keeping the other hair around their head... I think if you have no hair on the top of your head you should shave the rest off.

    • That's what I do, I mean my hair is patchy not bald like most guys get but still it's skinhead bald, also did you vote? Just curious as only the 'bald guys are as bad as fat girls' went up despite your positive comment

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    • And please don't just ignore tjis

    • You can be honest if you think I look bad doc

  • this asker has serious issues with his confidence. I can't remember the number of questions I've seen about this. you can post anonymously all you want, at this point, people recognize it's you. and he only accepts compliments. if someone says they don't like the way he looks he gets all worked up and starts bringing up his "high standards" as a defense mechanism... good for you, but the lack of confidence is really ugly bro

    • A question? Lack of confidence? Okay sure. Haha

    • Also I never mentioned my standards unless someone says something like "value a girl for valuing you" or ""you can't be picky" etc yes I can and will be and when I reference it in terms of when others bring it up how is that a defense? It's true if you don't believe it that my standards are high. I don't see you're deal about it or your issue that you're so but hurt about a question you can't just scroll on.

  • I'll be brutally honest with you. Being bald is not a turn off for men, and some pull it off very well, however, being bald THIS young isn't exactly an attraction. At the same time, I've had professors who were balding that would look 100% better with no hair than patchy, sparse hair. In a few years, it won't be weird. Just right now, yeah it's a bit early.

    • It's THAT bad though, so bad it makes a guy completely unattractive?

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    • Okay so you could date a bald this young then? If they pulled it off good like me and had a good heart etc? Just curious, I don't mind being the odd one out, I'm just wondering how bad that is haha

    • Yep I would! ☺️👌🏼

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