Need help should I stay or move on?

this is going too be long soo sorry and English ist my first laungage. Been flirting with this girl for a whille so need some help if i should move on or stay.
soo its start about 8 months ago we started talking a lot cause its my friend littel sister and we started hanging out she showd all the classic signs off liking me but one day she started ignorring me like an idiot i told her how i feel and got shot down pretty bad. A few months later she came back i ask why she stopt talking too me she said some friend told her pretty bad things about me soo we pretty much pickt up were she stopt talking too me. we did make out few times but now she started avoiding me again but not like before she still talks too me but not as much as before and all the same signs are there playing with her hair when talking, biting her lips dialited pupils and laughts at all my jokes but still feels that something has changed what you guys/girls think?
Need help should I stay or move on?
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