Should I date her ex?

I used to know this girl I would hang out with her and I even slept over her house a few couple of times, she had this boyfriend and he would always be weird around me well I found out, that before he dated her he used to have a crush on me I thought it was cute cause I kinda had a thing for him too but knowing he was dating her I just ignored it.

Eventually they broke up and she would talk to me about it and tell me how heart broken she was, well later on we lost contact because we got busy with out lives. Recently I saw her boyfriend working at this bar and he didn't really say much to me, it was really awkward. Well my question is would he still be interested in me? should I try to make a move? or would he just flat out reject me because of her? I don't really consider me and her close friends and its been years since they broke up I don't even know if she would still care.


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  • I would ask for her permission before doing so.