Girls, are you more likely to say yes if.. ?

After all, does what the guys wearing influence your final answer?

  • A guy wearing a suit ask for your number
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  • A guy wearing this or anything different than a suit ask for your number
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  • Clothes don't have much to do with it, it's an overall appearance that does it. You need to be completely attracted to the person, their face, smile, body shape, personality, and clothes do help a little but I wouldn't just give my number to any guy wearing a suit lol


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  • Nah.
    Style doesn't matter.
    Just needs to be cute.

  • I choose B. Lol I'm not that formal 😅 my idea date is just about anywhere and I wouldn't like to dress up in high end just to go eat in a restaurant lol

  • Honestly, it wouldn't really matter to me what they are wearing. It depends on how they ask.


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