"What are you doing next Saturday night?" If they are busy do you just take it as a no without asking them out?

People suggest just asking someone what they are doing so you know if there's any point to asking them out. but if i ask him what he's dong ion a day. and he says x y z. do i just say 'ok'. or tell him why i asked?

if he's interested will he offer an alternative day even if i never tell him i was going to ask him out. will he know by


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  • No if a girl ask me hey what do you got going on Saturday and im like... Oh im having my bro over for dinner.
    If that conversation ends there and id totally let it, im never gonna know you wanted a date. Tell him why you asked.

    Id mention the event even if its not an event
    " thinking about trying such n such restaurant" ask if he's interested in going.

    • ok got it. thanks. :)

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  • No, some guys may never get the hint that you're actually asking them out.