Would you date a model?

Guys would you date a model? Would you be judgmental of the modelling profession and assume that she dates a lot? I have been talking to this guy, we have many things in common, our conversations are fun, but not flirtatious. Very platonic indeed. He hasn't made a move yet.. could it be because of that?
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I 'm educated as well, I'm currently a grad student, I haven't told him that I model after about 2 weeks talking to him, I didn't want him to judge me because of that. I complimented him couple of times and gave him my number... I think that it's pretty obvious that I want to get to know him better. We text and snap back and forth until 3 am sometimes, I wouldn't do that if I wasn't interested. He is very different which I like but it confuses me on his intentions... also he works in retail but
Would you date a model?
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