Advice on her reply please?


I am kindly asking for an opinion here. So I am currently getting started in a long distance relationship. She is getting her divorce since last July. We chat several hours everyday, call and even Skype each other 2-3 times a week. She always tells me she wants to start a relationship with me after we meet since we've never met. Anyway last night we had a long call and also talked about sex and stuff. We both enjoyed it and we laughed. After we hang up something came up to my mind. The thing is. I don't want to be the rebound guy. I'm really getting attracted to her even for the fact that she is very beautiful.

Anyway I couldn't resist and texted her;

I need to tell you something but please don't take it in a negative way.

You know I like you very much and I know that you are going through your divorce right now. I just don't want to force you into another relationship once your divorce is over. Maybe you want to enjoy your single life once more. Please don't misunderstand. I really wish that someday we will step up our relationship especially after we meet.

I just don't want to look like I'm forcing you or control you. I know you are a mature woman and can take your own decisions.

she texted me back saying:

that's ok. i'm already enjoying my single life.

With some winks and stuff.

It was a very short answer but I would appreciate it if you could tell me what do you think about her reply.


A short update. Today she was very "dry" in her conversation with me. I replied to her message and only got a a short sentence answer. So I gave her space and told her to contact me when she is free. That way the ball is in her court. Certainly not usually like this. We'll see tomorrow. Maybe I am looking too deep into it without the need to do so.


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  • i think she's looking for a rebound guy whether she knows it or not is a different question.

  • It's either she's enjoying her single life texting you, or enjoying her single life messing around with another guy. But I really do think she means you.


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  • Don't worry about being the rebound guy. If your doing it long distance chances are your not one. A rebound guy is normally a short thing that has a lot of sex because now that she does not have a husband she can't get off as well and she misses having another person around.
    She was meaning that she is enjoying it and enjoying talking with you. Your part of her single life.

    • Thank you for your detailed reply. In fact it did happen to me once. As you said, lots of sex for a short time. But that was different. I went to bed with her the first night I met her. We had fun for some weeks and that's it. No hard feelings. But this girl I feel something different about her. She's dedicating so much time with me and yet such a short answer when I needed something more detailed. Anyway thanks again.

    • Your welcome
      She sent you a short and fun reply because she did not think that you needed a long response.