Is it too late to get with him?

I don't know if this is stupid or not or it doesn't count but there is a guy that I have known since year 2 and he use to like me. Liked me so much that he asked me out three times, but this was back when we were 13 years old. Honestly at the time I didn't know I liked him until he started to drift away and realised I did have feelings for him. But now Im nearly 18 it would be kind of stupid to bring it up now? We were only young and we got along really well until we drifted apart. Got different lifestyles and ambitions but I kind of still have a soft spot for him. Recently he added me on facebook and keeps putting up relationship posts about how much of a good partner he would be and that loyal people dont exist anymore. Last time I saw him it was only a hi and he walked away... I was going to strike up a conversation with him over facebook... I don't know just stupid. I don't know if he still likes me or not... feelings can't last that long though?


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  • Yeah, it's a little silly but being under 18 (hell, being under 25) is all about being silly and stupid. Go ahead and bring it up! I mean, this is part of being young! Who knows if he still would have interest (five years is a huge amount of time at your age), but you can't find out unless you try, right? I say that you should be willing to take the plunge and strike up that conversation!

    • His feelings about me were when we were 13 years old though. I'm not even sure if they were true feelings but he asked me out three times so I think they were. It was all childish back then so I don't think it would count now? I just feel like I lost my chance; he will probably turn me down just to get back at me :/

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    • Wow.. thanks for opening my eyes! Im always sitting on the side lines in life.. guess your right, got to take it by the horns

    • I really hope you do! And don't be scared of the little bloody nose that comes from rejection. It happens to everyone but you brush it off and you move on. I don't know if you're into theatre but I will leave you with this contemporary musical lyric.

      You don't get to win unless you play in the game.
      Oh, you get love for it.
      You get hate for it.
      But you get NOTHING if wait for it


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  • It's never to late


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  • If you're 100% sure that you're into him, go for it. It's not too late.

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