Am I wasting my time with this girl?

Hi everybody,
I matched with this girl on tinder the other day, so I started up a conversation, and we have been chatting back and forth. Her replies seem short & simple and I have doing quite abit of the talking which I don't mind - but I have given her plenty for her to ask me about i. e about my job, my interests etc. but she doesn't ask. In fact I ended up asking her, if there was anything she wanted to ask me lol. Now at the moment, I am putting this down to her being shy - by the look of her pictures she looks like a shy girl which would make sense why she isn't speaking too much. Anyway in my haste I asked her if she wanted to meet up for a drink sometime and she said : "I am always so busy :'(" ... now I know what you are thinking RED FLAG. so I replied: "I am busy with work too, but I would like to make some time for you, if you are willing?"
her response was "When I am free I'll let you know, but with Christmas time coming up its gonna be hard :("
Now I thought if she stops to talking to me it's pretty clear she isn't interested, but she has continued talking to me but at our usual me talking more than her and her not asking many questions just replying to mine...

Now what I want to know from you guys and girls is :

Am I not taking the hint and she isn't interested? Shall I keep going and see if it leads to a date?
Or have you got any ideas on what to ask to determine if she is interested or not?

As always positive comments are Appreciated

Thanks for reading :)
Am I wasting my time with this girl?
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