Is it a date? or no?

Hey, this girl from my class hangs around me and talks to me a lot! One day after class she walked up and we started talking and I said "Can I buy you a cup of coffee?" and she said sure. It kind of looked like she smiled a bit. Anyways we have been emailing and we agreed to go out somewhere. I am unsure, would it be weird if I said "it's a date!" to solidify the fact it is a date? Thanks!

- Get back jojo

Also, would it be better to ask her to walk around afterward downtown and offer my hand and just look around? I figured that would be kind of cute and romantic?


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  • nope its not

    • What makes you say so?

    • I misunderstood haha, you mean you think it's not a date or it wouldn't be weird it I said that? Sorry haha.

  • Get back jojo lmao

    • You got the reference haha?

    • YEah

    • Strawberry Fields is better :) but anyway, it sounds kinda like a date to me. How old are both of you

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