Girls: Would you date a guy who couldn't lift as much as you?

If you could lift more than a guy, would that put you off dating him?


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  • I would still date him because honestly my dad is a bodybuilder and he does powerlifting and my mom does the same, and my dad is training me, we will also bend nails, so if I dated a guy that couldn't lift, I wouldn't care I would still want to be with him. Matter of fact my boyfriend doesn't lift weights at all but he is just naturally strong because of the farming and construction he does.


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  • If i couldn't lift as much as a girl
    that would just mean she's strong as hell..

    and if she's that strong i don't think id wanna...
    id be scared, its easier for men to get muscles, get buff because of testosterone
    girls dont have that, (as much as guys) so when a girls buff... she's.. strong as hell.. so no thank you. lol


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  • no, because i dont lift a lot. im weak asf in the arms

  • Nope, I don't think it really matters how much he can or can't lift.


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