Ever had a date invite you over only to kick you to the curb in the same night?

I had a really messed up situation this past weekend. I met a girl off Tinder who literally asked me out after 4-5 messages of talking to her within 20 minutes. We had our first date last Wednesday and it went really well. We got drinks and made out and she asked me what I was doing on Saturday and I told her I was going to a concert. She said she'd go. She even invited me to come to her place that day and then texted me the next day.

Saturday, I asked her about the show and she said she wanted to go Then she asked if I wanted to come to her apartment, stay the night, and have some drinks, food and smoke (weed), prior to going to the concert. I get to her place and she offers to get in my car to help me find a place to park. We then hang out, drink beers and she said thanks for the amazing time on Wednesday. She was flirty with me and I smoke her out and then we made out, talk for a bit and then she tells me some deep stories. Then we go out for a smoke and walk around her neighborhood while we wait for my friend to pick me up. My friend then calls me and says he's in front of her apartment building. We then walk back and all of a sudden says that I should go without her. I was like, wait why? She then said because she feels like a douchebag for making my friend wait. I'm like it's no big deal for him.

She then said she had to grab her debit card and ID. And I said I had to grab my piece and weed. She then pretends to look for her ID and card while im waiting and then she's like I'll text you when I'm on my way and then tells me to grab my charger and beers I brought with. Then she walks me out her door and never showed up or texted.

The thing that scares me is I don't know if I said or did anything that rubbed her the wrong way and it's even weirder that she was moving so quick and showing all that interest only for that to happen.

Anyone else had this happen?
Ever had a date invite you over only to kick you to the curb in the same night?
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