Where is best to meet women?

Title says it all, I'm kind of an introvert and only recently started going out socially and was wandering does anyone have any good places or types of places they would recommend trying to meet someone? Also any ideas from you on how to approach you lovely ladies in a non creepy way haha?
I've put it in dating because didn't really know where to put it.


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  • Ask yourself what kind of woman you might be interested in, and find places where that kind of woman is more likely to spend their time.
    Use that kind of interest of the activity or what else it is, to approach her.

    • Mainly a women who's up for a laugh, obviously there is the whole looks thing but I'm not overly superficial... just more easy to approach women as a lot o the time its women with an attitude like 'I'm too good for this'

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  • Join a club or evening class or something you're interested in.

    • i play for a pool team and football team but no women there and have no female friends so can't even find anyone i could have more with... always seemed bleak

  • Join a social activity club with co-ed activities.

    • like what? i play for a pool team (from england) a football team but there's no women there so i don't network with women and have no girl friends never mind someone could have more with

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    • Man, I was asked to go to Fylingsdale, England for work on a radar site. Glad I didn't go. All I could think of was warm ale and meat pies. lol

    • meat pies are gorgeous haha