Does she like me?

There was that girl I met two years ago, and for since these two years some things happen that I really cannot understand what exactly she is trying to do. The first time I met her (I had an acquitance relationship with her, we were never close enough to be considered friends), I wasn't really that all interested in her, the first few days I wouldn't even say a ''hi''. Some incidents followed through both years (We were meeting only in summers). Firstly, she would get mad at me not responding to her when she was trying to say hi (this is just humane i know, it doesn't show anything), she would just stare all the time at me if we were in the same place, etc etc. One night she asked me If she could stay with me for the night (i dont remember the reason though) and I plainly told her no, I didn't knew her that much, and it felt kinda weird, so I said no... It was till the next times that she will act strangely enough, she started working at a cafe I was hanging at that time (knew everybody there), and remember that she just knew how I drink my coffee and if she saw me coming she would prepare it mins before I even sit, and just bring it to me (dont imagine a big crowded cafeteria, the place was small enough and of alternative style, I was working there too one year before the events), the next days she would continuously keep staring or smiling at random, and even once while me and my friends were leaving (I was ignoring her because I was a bit freaked out by anxiety), she would come behind me as I was leaving and just pull me infront of her and start talking, just that. More events like these happened but I believe the text gives an idea. I really do not know, and I try not to over-analyze and post all the details of it. Thanks for reading!!
Does she like me?
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