Guys, Why his attitude changed after the first kiss in two months?

I met a guy about 2 months ago and we've been seeing each other every weekend since then. We only meet in the weekends cos we're both busy during the week. We'd spend the whole day out and sometimes he'd come to my place, we watch something and we cuddle on the couch and then he leaves. He normally kisses me one or two kisses on the cheek or the lips before we he leaves.

During our last date we kissed and locked lips for the first time while we were in the pub, and then each of us left to his place. We texted each other when we both got home and said good night, as usual. Today is the second day after that date and I noticed that he has changed a bit. For example, the day after that date I texted him in the evening asking if he's alright and he was a bit cold in his response and today he texted me in the evening telling me about some stuff we talked about during that date so I replied to his text and asked him if he's alright but he never replied... I normally talk to him openly if I'm upset of I need him to clarify something but this time I'm not sure if I should ask him the reason behind changing his behavior.

PS we didn't make out coz I told him I need more time and he's happy with that and didn't want to put any pressure on me, as he said. Everything was going really well between us and we introduced each other to our friends. I'm confused now! Should I ask him what's the matter? If yes, should I mention the kissing thing?
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He mentioned getting married as well in that same date... !
Guys, Why his attitude changed after the first kiss in two months?
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