What do women want in a man?

I feel like im an attractive man,22 y/o, I'd say 7 maybe 8 out of 10. But my dating life sucks. I'd be the first to admit im somewhat shy and lack that first step to approach women so I don't meet a ton compared to my friends but im good around woman im not some weird guys, just a little shy. Anyways it seems like every girl I talk to or date it seems no never work out. The last one even went back to her ex which was weird because she seemed obsessed with me. Im a nice polite guy with woman but wouldn't say im a push over pu**y. My best friend tells me im too nice and I should be a "savage". Which im beginning to think is true because this nice guy routine isn't working. I just end up alone wondering what went wrong leaving me to not let people in. I need to know what I could be doing wrong and is the nice guy routine hurting me?
What do women want in a man?
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