Is she using me?

I met this girl online and we immediately went out later that day. She didn't want me to come into her apartment which I would think would be normal for her to be safe, so she wanted me to drive her around for a while and just listen to music. We talked pretty well that night but nothing happened.

We have been texting for a while now and she sometimes pauses for long periods of time which is normal because she has work and school, but her replies are like 3 words to a sentence or two absolutely tops. She never asks about me or anything too, like she's not interested in my life.

I kinda was upset after all she replied to me was lol so I was done with her, and told myself since she never begins a conversation and barely replies there isn't a point. After two days of no talking she starts talking to me again.

So we go out again and we walk around the mall and go get pizza. We then go back to her place and watch a movie she likes, I didn't push any advances like I held her hand and had a half ass cuddle with her because she was sitting upright. So she said she wanted to see me again then we said goodnight. I asked her about being in a relationship and she said she wants too BUT she is just so busy for one...

She texts me now and tells me that she is sick and wants food, and wanted to know if I could bring her some. Is she even interested in me and just shy or is she using my ass for a friendship, someone to hang out with, and free food?
Is she using me?
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