Girls, 19, virgin, never kissed a girl -- turn-off?

Honest genuine answer please :]

I've met a girl a few times (we're both 19), and we really liked each other, however we've mostly been texting for about 2 months (since she's been here on visit when we've actually spent time together and we currently lives from some distance from each other). And we've grown much closer to each other since the last time we actually met, so it'll be a bit different the next time obviously

My problem is that, since, I guess I've wanted to wait for the right one or whatever -- i've haven't really had sex yet, not even kissed a girl before -- and this because i haven't had a girlfriend before.

Now my initial feelings toward this is that i feel a bit ashamed of it, I mean, it feels like it prolly is some turn-off to be with someone who've had no experience etc. but i'd just like to hear from other actual girls, honestly, if you'd be in the same place as her and was dating a guy who told you all this, what would you think? Is it a turnoff, do you think it's weird or bad etc?

(haven't told her about sex or kiss, but she knows i haven't dated anyone before)
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to clarify, i'm wondering about the initial reactions you'd have if you were dating a guy who told you this
Girls, 19, virgin, never kissed a girl -- turn-off?
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