Guys, A guy touches me but never flirt once?

So a guy asked me out for the 2nd time.
I dont know if those two are called a date.
He never ever flirted with me.

But he touched me several times in veryyy polite way. Touched my waist. And when we were in a car, at night. He rubbed my hand and arms not with his palm, but with the back of his hand. And then i was sooo cold in the theatre. I didn't ask to be covered too. But he did notice my hand kept covering my left arm, so he offered me his both hands and asked me to place my left arm under his arm, and his hands fully held my hands. He did not flirt with me and took advantage of me, didn't try to kiss me either.

So.. What does it mean?
Do you guys ever do that to a girl? It was really plain actually haha
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Sorry, not plain.
I was a very very flat... Meet up? Or date?
+1 y
*it was
Guys, A guy touches me but never flirt once?
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