Why shouldn't I be a douche to girls at this point?

My whole life I've always treated others with the utmost respect, whether guys or girls. However, when it comes to girls I want to pursue I'm even more respectful and thoughtful. Don't get me wrong I still poke fun and banter, but the one thing I've learned in my life is being a nice guy gives girls the idiotic misconception they can treat me like trash and toss me aside after I'm done giving them the attention they crave, aka walking all over me.

So I really don't see why I shouldn't act like a douche to girls, use them for what I want and throw them to the curb when I'm satisfied/bored the way all of them have done to me in the past. I've grown up with the naive notion that I should treat others like the way I wanted to be treated, so why not apply that concept to girls and do the same?

Yes I understand this sounds incredibly petty but I really don't see any other course of action. The only other one is being a naive dumb fuck and thinking a girl will one day appreciate me for who I am and not try to take advantage of it... hahahahahahahahaha yeah fucking right.

Asking this because I really don't want to be that person, it's either be that person and have some companionship on my terms or be a lonely schmuck who constantly gets used.


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  • You're probably f*cking tired of hearing this but there are girls out there who would appreciate you. Then again, I would just say don't get attached until you know of her true intentions and then decide how to treat her.

    • Yeah I am tired of hearing that, because after 27 years haven't found fucking one that does. Thank you for your input, I won't be giving respect until I truly know what kind of person they are. As of right now time to be a douche

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    • Eh guess I'll give it more time, given it 27 years, a couple more months won't hurt hahaha

    • No, don't wait or you'll lose the hope altogether just don't be a total jerk.

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  • Here

    You have to be equal parts douche and nice. They not like either extreme.

    • Yeah I already do that with banter and poking fun at them, doesn't change shit in the end.

    • Banter and poking fun isn't everything. Who knows, your might even be overdoing it?

      Attraction is a complete package. The MOST important thing is that they have to be physically attracted to you on some level.

    • Yeah I fail in that department being ugly and all, need to rely on my personality and humor to carry me.

  • I am only a douche to girls in that I like to squirt inside them...