He's such a great guy, but I'm not attracted to him - Am I being shallow?

So I met this guy a few weeks ago. I was at a wedding and we were at the same table. We ended up talking all night and he ended up asking me out. And I said yes.

So after going on the first date I found out that he's a really great guy! Super nice, a gentleman, funny, easy to talk to and treats me like gold! He took me out to a nice place too, which I appreciated. I really enjoyed his company! But nearing the end of the night I was imagining myself kissing him, or having any kind of passionate moment with him and I just didn't feel excited! I just totally didn't get excited at the possibility. I wasn't grossed out at the thought, just meh.

Now to clarify a few things. First, He's not ugly at all. He's good looking! I'm sure lots of girls would be super into him. Second, I am not in any way unattracted to him because he's a nice guy lol. I do not like bad boys at all, and am way more attracted to nice guys by far. So that's not the reason.

But it the thing is, I know what it feels like to have huge electrifying chemistry with someone. My last LDR boyfriend of 2 years gave me no doubts on my physical attraction to him.

So am I being shallow? I honestly don't get why I'm not into him that way and it feels like I could be missing a blessing. Technically he's what I'm looking for. But he just doesn't make me feel attracted.

Am I being shallow here?
He's such a great guy, but I'm not attracted to him - Am I being shallow?
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