Is this considered cheating?

So I started seeing this girl 3 weeks ago and we hit if off fairly quickly. We started sleeping together on the second date and even took a weekend gateway at the beach last week. Problem is that I'm still unsure of how I feel about her, I like her but I'm not feeling the sparks. I want to give her some time because she's an extremely shy girl and she is very sweet so I think she has potential. Anyway, we're technically just dating, but it's obvious that she likes me a lot so I don't know where the boundaries are. She knows I'm not seeing anyone else and gets jealous when I joke about seeing other girls.
Anyway, I was messing around on tinder mostly out of boredom and I super liked this girl. I really liked this girl's profile, she's super pretty and seems to be more of an extrovert which I like. We ended up matching when I super liked her and instantly sent her a message and 15min later a date has been planned for this weekend. Is me going on the date considered cheating?
Is this considered cheating?
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