Why is dating impossible for me?

I feel like the only guy who tries to date and yet the only one who hasn't actually ever dated.

During school years I was super shy and anxious and nerdy so that didn't help, and I never tried to ask girls out (my fault) I realize that now I missed the easy years to learn to date.

I've been trying to get in the game and been failing miserably. I don't work currently and don't want to rely on that to meet girls anyway, I've gone to many social events (concerts, outdoor endurance events with others, video game events with fellow game lovers, animal rescue event helping out, clubs, parks playing Pokémon go). The idea is I've tried a variety of places to meet girls but when I'm out I'm alone (no friends either for me) and tried to talk and get to know some, but it never went far and never turned into a date I get rejected. This just makes me more nervous to the point I expect rejection which hurt my ego big time, no friends to give me confidence either which is a huge loss for me.

The worst part is I've met all sorts of guys, younger/older better looking/worse looking than me. They all have girlfriends or are married. They've done similar events I've done and met girls and made bro friends too. Why can't I do that? I feel I'm struggling too much at this and it doesn't seem normal to find this so difficult. I'm not an alien, I should of at least had some luck and a friend or two after all these years. :(
I also feel girls don't accept me for who I am, and girls I thought would and like what I like have no interest in being around me only talk about the hobby online, not meet up or date, it sucks!



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  • You are not the only guy who has never dated. I mean, look at the other male posts in the dating section of the site. There are multiple people who haven't dated. Anyway, I blame your shyness and your inability to approach people.

    • I never said I don't approach people I do, so what's the real issue?

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  • dont worry just wait

    • Can you think of something more helpful?