Why am I more attracted to the one who's no good for me?

Looking at it from a completely shallow perspective:
- he's got a crappy job
- he's not very good looking (very slender, including face but pretty tall)
- he gets in to moods when things don't go his way
- whines a lot
- dresses commonly
- not very gentlemanly
- he's one of those popular guys

the things I like:
- he's got quite a few friends so he has more interesting things to do with his time
- he's got a motorbike
- he's not too keen, which annoys me but it also makes me appreciate his attention more
- he's more manly and seems to have more testosterone
- he's had experience with girls

But the other guy is different…
- he's got a great career
- he's kind and very attentive
- he's handsome in a unique way
- he wants to go places in life
- dresses in fine clothes

Things I dislike:
- he's really keen
- he's introverted and always doing work
- doesn't drive
- quiet
- seems a little nerdy
- little experience

p. s I'm not official with either. I'm just seeing them, haven't done anything with them but I know they're both romantically interested in me.
Why does the not so nice one grab my attention more?
Why am I more attracted to the one who's no good for me?
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