Mexican girls, are many of you attracted to East Asian men (Korean, Japanese, Chinese)?

Of course it varies from person to person. However, I want to know if there are a lot of Mexican girls that are attracted to East Asian men. It would help if someone from Mexican background can answer my question.


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  • I am sure there are Mexican girls who are attracted to East Asian men.


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  • From my experience:

    Arabian (middle eastern) girls dig East Asians...
    Caucasian (white european) girls
    A bit of Latino (although I've rarely ever met any, so I can't say)
    Quite the majority of African women
    And obviously our own East Asians...

    This is according to my experiences 😂 not sure about the race matter anymore cause I think it might just be because I'm good looking, so girls don't really care what race you are, if you're hot then you're hot.


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  • Answer is no. You're here because you want to hear yes they do. So here. They like you okay? Happy? They are so attracted to east Asian men. Wow unreal. Happy?

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