How do you get a guy to pay attention to you again and get what you want?

I think I worry and compare myself to other women too much. Thinking I'm not good enough or pretty enough and that I deserve to be treated this way. How do one stop comparing themselves to other women and just be yourself hoping he will care and appreciate you and give you the attention you want. Cause obviously if your not confident in yourself the guy will do whatever he wants


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  • Your going about everything the wroooooooooong way. Why let someone in your life to see the bad side of you. If your not confident, if your insecure, if your over thinking things, then shouldn't that be 1st concern. To take care of those 3 things. Don't just have flaws then ten go up to a guy or want a guy to attempt it. Though you mentioned "obviously if your not confident in yourself the guy will do whatever he wants."

    You job is now to stop eyeing the guy and work on yourself.


What Girls Said 1

  • You have to realize that every girl is different and it's sort of futile to compare yourself to anyone else because you're a unique person. You should try to do what's best to you in regards to your appearance and your personality. As for the guy, try to talk to him more and he will eventually open up to you.