How do you guys work up the urge to date?

I just don't have it in me. Mating rituals of impressing the female and displaying male hierarchy status is laughable. People try to deny it but I see literally every guy doing these things to some degree.

On top of that I don't give a flying fuck about taking the chick to dinner. I'd buy her a damn cheese burger and she better be thankful. Don't care about coddling or hearing about her day at her job.

I mean I understand sexual attraction. The shape of females lips, her body features that gives signs of fertility. That's what makes us men want to reproduce with them. Beyond that I literally have no desire to connect to a female. My raw animal instincts tell me to bond with men if I need an intellectual conversation. My instincts tell me to talk with men if i need back up in a fight. For women my instinct is to dump sperm inside you. I'M NOT trying to be an ass. I just have a hyper logical realistic understanding of reality.

I remember dating in my younger years. All I could think of is how useless these female lifeforms are. Information they project doesn't benefit me. All they do is suck my money away. At a young age I questioned why bother interacting with them. I simply do no benefit from females beyond ejaculation, but even that is dangerous. One ejaculation can bring a child into this world ruining my life.

See as a man my connections grow by talking with other men.
My wealth grows by interacting with men
My status grows by gaining other male trust
My power, my empire is built on men.
So... what do women do for me.


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  • You're not exactly logical, nor do you sound especially intelligent tbh. It's rather the opposite.
    You're an extreme aromatic with sexist ideals as you clearly look at women as inferior.
    Taking all this into account I actually agree, you shouldn't date, but above all: you should not reproduce.


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  • Voted most likely to do time for rape by High School Senior Class /\/\/\

    Cause buddy you ain't gettin' any the normal way with that view of "reality."

    Sounds like maybe gay sex is for you? No you say? Then better not drop the soap in that prison shower.


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  • I don't know how people work up the urge to date. I will never understand how. I can't work up the urge to date because I'm asexual/aromantic.

  • Ya, I never enjoyed the human mating dance

  • I guess are looking at this from a logical standpoint, yeah it's pretty much our animal desires that have us do these things and want to be with them