Date night question?

So I have been with my girlfriend 3 years. We have fun times. Was wanting to mix it up a bit. Question for the girls. Best date night you have had? Perfect date night? Something different that you enjoyed a lot? Pretty broad on purpose. Fun or romantic or both or just enjoyable


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  • Be romantic. Tell her to get dressed and be ready at 7pm for example and have a limo come pick her up. You are not in it and have it take her to a special place that you set up somewhere with a table and chairs, nice scenery. when the limo stops and door opens, your standing there in a nice suit with a red rose in your hand that you hand to her. we love surprises and romance


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  • I don't know how much money you have at your disposal, but I'm a huge believer in hipster restaurants followed by theatre. Hipster restaurants allow you to enjoy delicious, yet creative food that in itself can be a conversation piece. And theatre... I just really like musicals. But those types of dates can be kind of expensive for a 20-year-old so maybe do one or the other?

    Oh also about theatre, I find that I've always enjoyed community theatre every bit as much as the big touring productions so you can definitely save money that way too. Good luck!

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