Should He Forgive Her?

My friend had her heart broken by her ex-boyfriend of 3 1/2 years. Her boyfriend broke up with her because of personal reasons. I don't know the full story but I guess she didn't tell him something ( no, she wasn't cheating on him ). It's been 4 months and I guess her ex-moved on, but she didn't. It got to the point where she was on crutches. Let me explain... I found out that she snuck out of her house to run off to his house. She went through a lot of pain and she was still in love with him. She didn't make it out her neighborhood before a drunk driver hit her. Neighbors spotted her at 1am in the morning on the side of the road. So she didn't get to see her ex that night, but she did see the hospital that night. Her ex asked me what happened, and when I told him. He was like speechless he still questioning if he going to forgive her. After all, she went through all that trouble at 1am trying to tell him she loves him. But she never did. She's been on crutches and a metal brace on her right leg because of the car crash.


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  • "Snuck out of her house" means that you and your friend really aren't 18 years old, are you?

    Whether she deserves forgiveness depends on what she did that caused the break up. Getting hit by a drunk driver at 1 am doesn't change what she did previously.

    • Sry, she's 16. We met in summer camp. I'm 18 and she's 16

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  • It's really hard to say he should forgive her... with not knowing what happened.

    I mean what she went through to try and get there is huge and all that, but you really don't know what happened in the first place. And if my boyfriend was to do something horrible that caused me to dump him, then yeah, if he was to try and get to me a few months later to profess his feelings I wouldn't forgive him still and take him back.
    He doesn't get that right to just say "well I did all of this to try and get you back". Because perhaps he shouldn't have done whatever he did in the first place.

    You say there wasn't cheating - ok. But that doesn't mean there aren't other things that are still bad and unforgivable.