Would you date someone who has a "controversial" tattoo?

Okay, so I live in a rural southern area. If you don't like sweet tea, guns, and country music, you won't fit in. However for the most part we aren't racist, or homophobic or anything. (I say for the most part, because you'll find those sorts of people everywhere.) That said, we have pride. And a lot of it. It's common for people to have the confederate flag hanging in our yards, I myself have multiple shirts with that Dixie flag as the main design.

That said, I know a lot of people think of it as some flag of oppression and all that. (Though to us it's just pride in our southern heritage), And well, my boyfriend has the flag tattooed on his arm. Sorta. He has this tattoo of some sort of gun (he told me what the "specific" gun it was supposed to be, but to me it's "gun".) Only instead of it being black or something, inside the gun is the confederate flag design. Personally I think it's a stupid tattoo, but I'm not offended by it. He got it several years ago, before he even met me.
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Would you date someone who has a "controversial" tattoo?
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