How to get him to text more?

I recently met this really sweet guy. We met in an online forum. He goes to the same university, so we met up for a walk in the park to get to know each other. We both had a great time. He texted me three days later to talk. When he texts though, he doesn't respond for hours and leaves very little to continue the conversation. I think he wants to talk since he initiated the conversation, but I'm not getting much out of him. Could I make him text more or open up more? Or do you think he is not interested?


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  • He probably just doesn't have the skill to converse properly. When he text you, you should start asking him open-ended questions. Questions that make him think and questions that he can't answer with a yes or a no. Get him to open up, he might just be shy, or he plays too much video games. You'll find out sooner or later.


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  • I think either he is really busy, not into you, not ready for a relationship, playing the field, or a combination of those things. Bottom line, he isn't putting much effort in. If I was in your place, that wouldn't feel very good, if you so happened to fancy him a lot. Do not spend to much time thinking about a guy who doesn't make his intentions more clear, or simply continue the conversation in a timely matter (at the longest 24hrs, after that it's kind of lame). There will be a man out there that will see you as their dream girl. And that man won't allow you to wonder or have lingering thoughts like that, unless they aren't really into it; they won't want to lose you. Remember, men have fought wars over women. You are worth keeping and fighting for.
    Best thing you can do is keep your own interests in mind. Be social, do things for yourself, give back to your community, have hobbies... Make your life interesting and make yourself happy. Men who are open to relationships are attracted to women who are happy, healthy emotionally and physically, and have their own life. If a man is taking too long to see how special you are, there will be another who sees the beautiful you have and will adore you until the ends of the earth. Promise. It's out there.
    I really think there is no way you can make anyone do anything in dating or relationships. It's a two way street in relationships. Keep your heart open and focus on what makes you happy within your life. Someone will come in eventually and make you forget about the guy who made you wait three days for a text.


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