I don't know how to be close to my boyfriend? How close does your relationship get after 100 days?

I've been dating this guy for 3-4 months, and we see each other every weekend and are in constant contact, everything is going great and we are having so much fun. But I've always been told in my previous relationships I tend to be 'cold and distant'.
Now I think same thing is happening again, I really like him but I'm scared to be close to someone, and I just don't know how to be close to someone.

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  • If you're scared to be close to someone then you're doomed to be distant. You've got to get over that fear and just accept the fact that you'll get hurt if things don't work out... but you don't go into your relationship constantly worried about it.

  • Try not to let past relationship experiences define what you do in your future ones. We grow so much over time, and our mind set will always keep changing. But if you keep having that same tape, replay the same message, then you're going to subconsciously live your life that way. The most important thing is that you said you really like him! Just take it slow, and try and live in the moment. And when that tape comes on again, remember that you can always put a different one on!


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