Girls, would you date another race if so how many times? Do you think racism in dating is decreasing in this youths generation (1995-2002)?

What are your thoughts on racial dating? Just wondering that's all and please try to at least use nice words.

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  • I would definitely date guys of another race or ethnicity. I don't think that people who choose not too are by default racist (unless they say they won't date outside of their race because all other races are inferior to their own for one reason or another) but it's just never been an issue for me.

    How many times? Umm... however many times I wanted to date someone new who by chance, happened to be non-white I guess.

    • Do u think its more exciting dating out of our own race?

    • not necessarily. I mean.. I like the different cultural traditions/cuisine/language that come along with dating someone of another race. Not that all white guys have the exact same kind of culture/traditions, etc. as myself, though.

    • I see. yeah that is the cool part of interracial dating

  • It's 2016, who cares. My boyfriend is from a completely different culture and race and it's fine :) More interesting actually.

    • And oh sorry, forgot to answer part the main question haha. Besides twice, I have always had crushes on people of different races (not intentionally, just by chance). I do believe racism is decreasing for sure, as multiculturalism is increasing with time. All kinds of people of differences are famous and dating in and out of races (Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, etc.) It matters less and less, especially with the internet and being constantly exposed to differences :)

  • it's not a big deal or problem till A) you have kids or B) the fam is racist

    • please clarify on the having kids thing

    • because once you have mixed babies you have to raise them a certain way so they dont hate apart of themselves or they wonder why they aren't the same. as the other mixed kids

    • Oh I see

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