Why do I feel weird for asking a girl out?

Even if I look calm on the outside, inside I feel so weird like I'm annoying her or wasting her time and I feel bad.

God I'm such an idiot


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  • Most likely taytay10133 is right. The problem is most likely low self esteem. I never asked a girl out cause of the same feeling. So i think you shouldn't think about is she annoyed, but focus on the conversation your having. Besides asking does not hurt.

  • Because you're making her be more important than she actually is, and because you're not used to asking out girls.

    • Well I want to make this feeling stop dude it really sucks. I don't even know where to start

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    • Alright another question. Is an introduction corny or lame? Like going up and saying my name instead of something like 'hey ma lemme get them digits'

    • If you go up to a girl and say "Hey, lemme get them digits" you will end up with a girl laughing at you xD