What books aided in the creation of you?

I was sitting home trying reflecting on how I've become the person I am today. I decided to pick out the books I've read that aided in my personal development. I wish I could've put my entire library in the picture but I'd cover my floor and I don't feel like picking all those books up lol

Well anyway, the books in the picture have helped me immensely in my life journey. For the past 4 years I have bought at least one new book every week that cover a wide array of topics. For personal reasons, I rarely ever read fiction so most of my library is bland, educational literature. Books on investing, philosophy, self-mastery, and various skill sets, have aided in my personal development, and assisted in "connecting the dots" in my life.

I'm wondering what books have changed others and if they would care to share how the books have been a positive influence. ☺️What books aided in the creation of you?


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  • Right now I'm reading Dale Carnegie's, "How to Win Friends & Influence People"
    It goes into depth of a lot of social concepts that intuition usually already knows, but it's always good to review the core ideas of society and social relationships.

    I've used some techniques described in the book, and so far, it has worked wonders for me.


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  • A Series of Unfortunate events, the ology books (wizardology, Egyptology, dragonology), the Artemis fowl books, Paradox in Oz, pretty much all of Tamora Pierces books, various books about mythology and drawing on mythology in a fantasy setting, and all of Jasper Fforde's books are probably the major influences. For some of them I can even identify specific interests of mine they were probably the cause of.

    • Oh, and Douglas Adam's Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series of course. And probably also a wrinkle in time.

  • Candide - Voltaire
    1984 - Goerges Orwell
    These 2 books had the most impact.

  • I rarely ever read self help books.
    I mostly read fiction and non fiction books related to my studies.

    • Every book is a self-help book. If you're not helping yourself then what are you doing? Lol

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    • What books do you read?

    • I mean you never actually answered my original question lol

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