Whats the appropriate way to handle your ex under these circumstances if this was your situation?

- Your ex was your first sex partner. He/She gave you HPV.
- He's with a girl he told you not to worry about and that she/he was his best friend and they were always talking on social media. He told you you were crazy to get jealous over things like that.
- He/she frequently blamed you for things and always yelled at you.
- He/she broke up with you twice.
- You block him from everything and the only thing connecting you together is his best friend on facebook.
- His best friend keeps messaging you about your friends and asking if they're single.

You finally see your ex in person... What do you do?
Is it appropriate to punch him in the face?

  • Punch him in the face
  • As far as I'm concerned he's a wasted space and he doesn't exist.
  • Hug him!! You haven't seen him in forever
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  • Just say some words to him, greet, talk and wave your goodbyes. Then go off your on way!


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