Second date scheduling etc?

Hey so I've posted about this girl once before unsure what her intentions were. Basically I'm under the understanding she wants to go slow as I like to go slow. She's playing me hard to get which I wouldn't bother with her if she was easy to get. But with that being said there's still insecurities. Yes I'm confident in myself but she's also not throwing herself at me so how can I tell how she really feels? She made it really hard to get the first date, this times it's been easier but she's busy. I asked her out for Friday night she told me what her family does for Black Friday so I said ok well Monday night I have nothing planned yet so we can leave it as an option. She said she didn't know her schedule and would feel bad if she had to reschedule. I said that's fine it's an option let me know. I'll be honest here guys and girls, she won't get back to me and I'll have to reach out again. I guess my point here is I'm serious about her, I fuck up to many relationships rushing into it cuz I was only iffy about the girl to begin with. If I don't like her that much I tend to rush it cuz if she runs away no big deal. It's like I'm rushing the relationship so yeah it wouldn't have worked anyways but this ones different.

So I guess once I get that date I need good ideas without coming off too desperate or try hard. She lives closer to the city and does drive but I don't know her area and don't know how to plan something around there. I'm thinking about taking her away from the city for a better date. This would be like 20-30 minutes out of the way. Would it be rude to ask her to meet me half way? Would I be better trying to plan closer to her? It should I just pick her up then drive her out of the city? The goal is to show her I'm serious but not crazy and obsessive. Also any takes on if she's playing me or not would be appreciated
Second date scheduling etc?
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