Is my boyfriend ashamed of me?

my boyfriend NEVER posts pictures of us together or me. we have been dating for almost 3 months. he has never introduced me to any of his friends either. (but i have not too). I want to post pictures of us together but i dont know how to ask him because it seems like he would not want me to. Once we were on a date and he saw his friend (a girl). he was so scared and kept trying to hide himself. i found out later that they once went on a date together. he has met my family several times but i have not met his before. once i used his phone to take a photo of us together and posted it on his social media. right after we parted ways, he deleted the photo. i talked to him about this and he said that he just likes to keep his life a secret and does not like to share too much information about himself. i dont know what to believe tho. his actions just makes me feel really insecure and unwanted. (especially because he's close to many girls). i wish he wld show me off to others and tell others that he's mine.
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hi people saying that i might only be his side chick. the thing is he spends almost 24/7 texting me tho. and we are together a lot. could it be he's just ashamed of me because im ugly? because my appearance isn't that good.
Is my boyfriend ashamed of me?
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