How do I talk to him about this? Help?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 6 and half months and he treats me very well and has a heart of gold. But as of lately I feel like it's been a bit one sided. I feel like he's gotten comfortable and doesn't seem to put in much effort unlike me. He's never over at my place I'm always the one going over there, he hasn't taken much time to get to know my family very well. But he's awesome with planning dates and gives me all his attention no matter what. But I think I need to change some of my behaviour as I can't drop everything for him to do something for him or something with him. Should I change some of my behaviour and see how it goes before I have a conversation with him?


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  • it doesn't sound like you need to change your behavior but perhaps just make more of an effort to do things for him if you feel liek they are things you want to do.

    as for the other things i think you just have to sort of bring it up. i'd try and do it in a constructive way, for example, "I really want you and i to develop our relationship with my family". that way it makes it seem more like a team effort


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  • yeah first try to change ur behaviors