Women have never been into me, is this normal?

Hey all,
I'm a 21 year old guy. I don't suffer from low self esteem at all but I'm a realist. I see facts and one fact about me is that girls and women have never been attracted to me in a dating sort of way. I get ignored, lied to and everything that women try to do to avoid hurting me by telling me upfront. It's okay though, I'm probably one of chilliest, most sane guy out there. I don't get angry at all when girls do reject me. It has been a couple of years since I tried to actually date someone but I do try to talk to women a lot more now but it is taking me back to the high school days where I would get my texts ignored, or conversation cut short (in person). By now, most guys my age become mysoginistic because of all the negative reception from women. I still love women, no hate here lol I just wanted to know if it's normal to accept that I am probably not the dating type of guy. By the way, I like to be polite but I am in no way a nice guy, I don't go around doing girls stupid favors in exchange for a good time like some desperate dudes out there.

Thanks for taking the time reading this.
Women have never been into me, is this normal?
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