I dont expect them to fall in love with me or anything, but why won't any guy long term date me?

I know a lot of people are going to say "you haven't met the right person yet", but dating in general shouldn't be THAT hard.

At this point im not really worried about it ending in us becoming a couple, i would just like to experience how it feels to date somone for a longer period of time.

Guys seem to get tired of me/uninterested very quickly and it messsing with my self esteem. If im lucky i'll get a third date, things dont go any futher. Guys will be super interested in the beginning, the firts date normally goes great and they message me after and want to meet again. I'll talk to guys on dating apps, and they are really interested at first then they lose interest.. it happens a lot. 90%of the time thing dont progress because the guy loses interest, but it happens that i lose interest too and thats the reason it ends

i honestly belive i dont do anything "weird", i dont share very personal things, i joke around, i pay attention to the guy, i dont wear anything weird. And guys really like me after the/during the first date.
I just dont get it :( I dont expect them to fall in love with me or anything, but why won't any guy long term date me?


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  • If you're not able to notice anything you might be doing wrong, then don't bother worrying about it. You shouldn't let it affect your self esteem, your self esteem should come from within. It shouldn't come from the actions of other people, you have no control over that. Ultimately you'll just have to accept that it will come down to being with the right guy because unless there's something specifically off putting that you're doing, you're unable to change.

    • im not super good at showing affection, or ask the guy out. So that might be factor to why they might lose interest. But for example the last date i went on. The date was great, the guy wanted to meet me again, he asked me if i was free the following weekend, texted me 30 min after the date, and the next day. I was so sure i was getting a second date. Suddenly he used ages to reply. Those kind of scenerious are the ones i ton understand...

    • Guys are usually the ones who ask girls out, I'd never be turned off by a girl if she didn't ask me out if she was still showing interest elsewhere.

      Think about it logically, lol. He liked you enough on the date to want to go out again, then goes cold the next day. There isn't anything you could have possibly done in that time period to turn him off, therefore it was clearly something to do with him rather than you.

    • I guess you're right

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  • It could be that the guys you date aren't looking for long term commitment and only looking for sex. They prob lose interest when they see you aren't willing to jump in bed w/them. Usually when I go on a 1st date, I describe what I am looking for and if they aren't looking for the same, I don't bother going on date w/then again. I don't expect them to be my boyfriend right away, but that's what I want to work up to.


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  • i will honest you're giving off this vibe : " iam only good for sex i dont make a good girlfriend or wife".

    you need to think and be as objective as you can to understand waht you do that actually makes guys think you're just for sex and will leave once they relise they're not getting any.

    • how am i doing that? I take care of my myself (work out, eat healthy), im a student, i earn my own money, i dress classy, im nice and friendly. Isn that good enough? how can i become more girlfriend material?

      And the guys never actually makes a move ot get sex, if that makes any sense. I can't recall ever a guy trying ti touch me or kiss me, and me saying no and then they lose interest. So i dont understand how they suddenly realised i wasn't going to sleep with them

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    • you see men and women are different, if we find the other person really appealing we might ignore some bad habits but usually if its something that really stands out then most will not ignore it and will stop pursuing the girl/guy to not actually have to deal with it down the road ,

      here are some things that girls usually do that may be too much for guys :
      1- acting really spoiled to the point she speaks and acts funny and everything is cute to her.
      2- she is not easy to talk to, won't open up or express her true opinion so it makes it hard to actually have any meaningful conversation or be funny around her, if a girl actually gives me a chance to joke around and be funny i will like her and she will like as well.
      3-acting like too much of an equal... okay this may not be fair but thats how the game is played so its better if i tell you this... men want confident women who can take care of themselves, are educated and capable of being functioning parts of society however...

    • they absolutly hate those who make it known how succesfull they are or how hard they work or how much of an equal they are to the guy, in simpler words, dont tell a guy you're his equal let him slowly find that out by himself cause if you tell him he will take it as a competitions that he has to win at and most guys dont want to compete with girls from the get go they wanna be winners and maybe later start actually seeing that their girl can be just as succesfull

  • ıt has nothing to do with u

  • Get into femdom. Those kinds of guys will stick with you if they like you initially.


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