This girl I like asked me if I like her over text and I said yes and she hasn't responded back, could she like me?

To give some background, I am 25 years old and have only been in one relationship though I don't consider it be a relationship because it is embarrassing, the girl told me she only went out with me because she felt sorry for me and my parents asked her if she would go one date with me just to see how it goes, it's embarrassing I prefer not to go further in depth, anyways needless to say after that incident in me thinking that I had my first girlfriend, my self esteem was shattered and I hadn't tried to connect with a girl until college again, with this girl I thought that she liked me, she was flirting with me and all the signs we were study partners and always did our homework together but when I asked her out on a date she rejected me straight out, it was a total blindside. Now I am 25 years old and I have been in communication with this girl who i think is the one, I have known her for 6 months now, met her at Work but then I moved to another job but I still have time to talk to her because we work within the same mall and we have the same interests we can talk about stuff for hours, I make her laugh and I really connect with her, it's awesome, again I can't say it enough I really really like her lol, anyways I had planned to ask her out and maybe give her some flowers with a gift since her birthday is coming up but she asked me if I liked her 5 days ago over text, I told her yes and she hasn't responded since, I asked if I should text her again but was told not to do it since I could annoy her or appear needy and clingy, I was told it could be up to a week until she responds but I am really nervous, is their anything I can do, I'm so happy and excited I really think that she can be my first true relationship, I'm still thinking about what to get her for her birthday but yeah does anyone have any advice, thank you : D


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  • Dude you need to RELAX. Shit, you're scaring me let alone girls you're trying to attract. First of all, a first date does not mean you were in a relationship. Hell you could be dating someone for a year and still not be in relationship with. Secondly, you need to stop putting relationships and women on a pedestal. You think some girl is going to come into your life and fix everything which is not even close to being true. You have some serious and I mean serious work to do since it's clear you have absolutely zero game (no offense, just trying to be helpful). You seem like your typical good guy, you're just too inexperienced and emotional so you're always going to get chewed up and spat out.
    Now to your current issue, she's not into you. She always thought that you might have feelings and was uncomfortable in addressing the issue so she asked to be sure and now that she knows she's trying to figure out what to say or do. You're doing the right thing right now by not contacting her, let her get back to you first if she ever does. Until then you treat her like an a new acquaintance.


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