Unmatching on tinder after a date?

I know tinder is mostly a hookup app so I don't expect much from it, but I did go on a date with a woman and it went well. My friend wanted to see her pics but the day after the date I unmatched her and a bunch of other women to clear out my tinder. He said she is going to assume the date didn't go well because of that and won't want to go out with me again. Is that true?


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  • Surely you have her number if you've gone out on a date? If you want to go out again then just text her and that will stop her assuming that you're no longer interested..

    Also this is just a personal thing I do, I don't go on tinder while I'm in the process of dating girls that I've met on there because I want to give myself the best chance of forming a connection with them and that's ruined if I'm currently talking to 5 other girls at the same time.

  • yea pretty much, you gone goofed

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