Guys, I need mansplaining... help?

Ok, so, here we go...

He's not my ex... we've never officially dated.

We've just been mutual friends with benefits in the past. (last hook up was over a year ago) he's in his late 30s, I'm in my late 20s. All he ever says when asked is "I like you alot: always have", but that he's not ready for a relationship (I read: he doesn't want me... it's cool... I made him promise not to fall in love in the begining and I... caught the feels. he went cold for a few months... saw each other in public, he was like a lost puppy when he was drunk... we hooked up afew days later. A few months pass, and he sends me a message asking if my company was hiring because he had a friend looking for a new position... I hire friend. friends with benefits takes me out to breakfast one day to talk about friend, and asks how I am... if I'm dating, etc... yada yada... after that, a few chance public sightings of each other and we still text occasionally... he got hurt a month ago, so I did the caring friend thing to check in... he said he had thought I would be there, icing his foot... mild flirting on my end and sent him pictures of things he likes on shoes... unicorns... fucking unicorns... he had positive responses so: )

yesterday, I sent him a picture of a pair of unicorns in a local thrift shop... he liked them and asked how much they were... roughly 70 bucks for the pair... he said he was sending a check with his friend to the office and that Santa came early... I told him he was ridiculous, but they're on my desk... why did he do that?

One of my guy friends said I'm just a piece of ass, but the dude is complicated and hasn't gotten any for a year... so he is stumped.

Guys, I need mansplaining... help?
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